The term "look up", in the wrong context can be condescending and infuriating. For example, working as bartender in my early twenties, a drunk patron drunkenly gazed at my serious (and probably stressed out face) and said "look up" or "smile, it's not that bad". Well, that was awful.

Not here.

At UNBUSY we've defined the term "look up" to mean:

  • to physically lift your gaze up and out (and so you don't trip over things or walk into a pole!) 
  • to move your mindset from downward facing to upward (with the hope of healing and personal development). 
  • to investigate; look up something that's sparked your interest (we'll point you to great reads, podcasts, creative projects and products).

So, I hope we're all on the same page now!

Life is full of riches, it's about allowing yourself to notice them.

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This photo is by the talented Harriet Turnnidge from a recent photo shoot I did with my youngest. See her beautiful work right here on UNBUSY (Vessels for Change article) and on Insta https://www.instagram.com/harr...


Rachel Biffin

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